Terms of Use

The members are bound to follow the following :

a)  To promote and favor national and international campaigns of oral health for benefit of the community. Although it is a non-profit organization, AIOI will be able to stipulate fees and costs in its educational activities that shall be assigned to the purposes of the Association.

b)  To update professionals with the most modern advances in the main dental specialties.

c)  To establish and facilitate relations with national and international associations, scientific centers, and other similar institutions, in order to exchange scientific and practical information.

d)  Foster inter-professional and inter-institutional solidarity.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, the Association will perform scientific activities, promote the formation of study groups, and for this purpose, will establish relations with other institutions in order to organize services to carry out actions of oral prevention or similar activities.

AIOI shall constitute and facilitate the resources to maintain the publication of an independent communication body and stimulate scientific research, collaborating with dental schools and other institutions of other countries

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Registered Society 

AIOI is an international non-profit scientific institution dedicated to teaching and multidisciplinary dental training. It was founded in 1992, in Lima, Peru, by Dr. Mariano Flores Rubio. AIOI conducts annual and global scientific activities every three years. The India Chapter will organise continuing Education Programs across India.